Education Protection Account

Proposition 30, passed in November 2012, established the Education Protection Account (EPA). Revenue generated from increased taxes are deposited into the EPA and distributed to districts and charter schools on a quarterly basis. While funds from the EPA are part of a district’s or charter school’s general purpose funding, Proposition 30 specifies that EPA funds may not be used for salaries or benefits of administrators or any other administrative costs and must be accounted for separately.

FY 2016-17 Education Protection Account Allocation and Expenditures

School Name Nascent Octavia Palmati Cardinal Achernar Himalia Rolas
Allocation Recieved $778,546 $505,183 $556,101 $452,811 $93,526 N/A N/A
Expenditures – Teacher Salaries & Benefits $778,546 $505,183: $556,101 $452,811 $93,526 N/A N/A

FY 2017-18 Education Protection Account Spending Plan

In FY 2017-18, EPA funds are estimated to be as below, which is anticipated to be allocated to support teacher salaries and benefits.

School Name Nascent Octavia Palmati Cardinal Achernar Himalia Rolas
Estimated Allocation $755,209 $487,400 $524,767 $419,393 $93,842 $110,766 $58,232
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