Outreach and Recruitment

CEG actively recruits low-achieving, economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities by placing our schools in locations where there are overcrowded schools and schools that are identified for program improvement.  We recruit these student groups by training our recruiting staff as well as including in our orientation presentation details about how the school’s program specifically addresses the needs of these groups.  More information about our outreach and recruitment efforts can be found in each school’s charter.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Enrollment and Lottery Procedures

The open enrollment period for all Celerity schools is in the Spring of each year and we encourage you to apply.  Exact dates for each school’s open enrollment period for the upcoming year will be posted here in December.  Parent(s)/guardian(s) are also encouraged to attend an orientation meeting with their child(ren) to understand the school’s vision and policies, including the Family Agreement.  A parent’s decision not to attend an orientation meeting or sign the Family Agreement does not impact enrollment.

All qualifying applicants will be accepted provided that the number of enrollment forms received at the time of the deadline does not exceed the school’s enrollment capacity.  If the number of students who wish to attend the school exceeds the school’s capacity, enrollment will be determined by a public random drawing (public lottery).  Parents who choose to send their children to a Celerity school will be asked to complete a form to participate in the lottery.  Only lottery forms received before the open enrollment period ends will be included in the public random drawing.  Each school’s lottery, if necessary, for the 2018-19 school year will be held at the school site, and when we have the date for the lotteries we will post that here.

For more information on each school’s lottery procedures, including lottery preferences, please see each school’s charter.

Celerity Achernar Charter School
310 E. El Segundo Blvd.
Compton, CA 90222
Phone (310) 764-1234

Celerity Cardinal Charter School
7330 Bakman Ave.
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Phone (323) 479-8842

Celerity Himalia Charter School
4607 South Central Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90011
Phone (323) 231-7005

Celerity Nascent Charter School
3417 West Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
Phone (323) 732-6613

Celerity Octavia Charter School
3010 Estara Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone (323) 344-3622

Celerity Palmati Charter School
6501 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
N. Hollywood, CA 91606
Phone (818) 753-2712

Celerity Rolas Charter School
1495 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone (323) 259-0887

Contact Us - Contáctenos

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