Moving Forward

Corporate Connection Has Been Severed

Complete separation from Celerity Global Development after consulting with California Department of Education, LAUSD, and Compton Unified.  

  • CEG and Global no longer have any corporate connection.
  • The sole statutory membership was terminated on May 31, 2017, with Global relinquishing all of its rights as a member of CEG.

Contracts Have Been Terminated

In response to concerns about CEG’s contractual relationships with Global from CEG’s authorizers and others:

1) On May 31, 2017, CEG’s Board authorized termination of the main agreements with Global:

a) Agreement for Limited Services

b) Agreement for Miscellaneous Services

2) Annual contracts with Attenture, a Global-affiliate that assisted with information technology, were not renewed.

3) CEG and Global are in the process of reversing the 2012 transfer of the Celerity Development, LLC property to Global.

New Vendors Have Been Selected and New CEG Employees Hired

Our transition to other providers and staff hiring is under way and running smoothly.

The Audit and Compliance Committee has reviewed and recommended, and the CEG Board has approved, four key vendors after a public RFP process:

  • Back Office Services
  • Payroll Services & Human Resources Information Services
  • Public Relations Services
  • E-Rate Management Services

We have negotiated and finalized those contracts.

CEG has hired a Chief Academic Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Directors of Special Education, Pupil Services, Human Resources, and IT, as well as other professionals.

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